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The Busy Office

The Busy Office

Helping Small Business Owners Get Back Their Time

Connecting you with affordable, experienced and highly skilled Virtual Assistants to help you tick off your task list.

Tired of pushing tasks to the back of the queue, until you are ovewhelemed by their urgency? Tired of changing contractors for short term tasks just to keep the office going? The Busy Office has a perfect solution for you! The Busy Office is a recruitment service and co-working space designed to find and house your employees in the Philippines.  If you want to know how to build a high-performance offshore team, then learn from someone who has already done it.

There are many tasks that are holding you back, so why not hand them over to an Assistant and free up your time for the things you love to do.  The Busy Office will get busy with your tedious tasks and keep your office running. They will answer your numerous concerns about looking for the ideal virtual assistant.

Roles you can outsource


Your VA will perform various customer service support, administrative tasks, including answering phones, emails, scheduling meeting and making travel arrangements. 


Get a profesional to manage your day to day finances, bank reconciliations, payroll, accounts payables and receivables.


Develop and manage your social media presence with experts in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to grow your brand by creating and publishing content.


The Busy Office is eqquipped with technical staff to support you with once-off specialised projects such as web development, graphic design, tax accounting and more.

You are guaranteed to transform your business when you outsource your tasks. You will save on staffing costs, get tasks completed timely, increase productivity, enjoy free time, enjoy flexiblity and grow your team.

If you have any other roles, we are happy to assist you in finding talented staff.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

You want to know what tasks you can get help with?

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