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Video Marketing: The Best Deal for Real Estate Agents In North Perth

Hi fellow real estate professionals, in today’s digital landscape standing out as an agent and bringing in new property listings is more challenging than ever. Homebuyers and sellers are spending more time researching options online before ever contacting an agent.

And what really grabs people’s attention online? Video. Statistics show over 60% of Perth homeowners searching for an agent will watch video content related to the local property market. So if your North Perth agency isn’t utilizing video marketing yet, I guarantee the ones ranking at the top of search results already are.

Through strategic videos, agencies can showcase new listings, provide market updates, and help sellers and buyers visualize neighbourhoods. This humanizes the brand and builds much-needed trust before a prospective client even makes contact.

While video’s benefits are clear, finding filming and editing time as an active agent seems impossible. That’s why partnering with a specialized video agency for your content is the smart choice.

We understand what resonates best with Perth audiences and can develop a targeted strategy.

Our video professionals will then create high-quality, optimized content showcasing your local property expertise without cutting into your working hours. Whether it’s virtual open homes, market analysis clips, or seller tip videos, we’ll get your brand in front of qualified leads.

Best of all, our video services are extremely reasonably priced for agencies of any size. So if standing out from competitors in 2022 and bringing in more listings is a priority, it’s time to invest in video marketing. Book a quick consultation to discuss how we can help grow your business.